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    Service Scope

    Worldwide Export & Import Ocean Freight Services

    Anderson offers full container load (FCL), less than container load (LCL) and consolidation services for cargo transportation via sea. This flexible and comprehensive service coverage enables clients to meet with their business requirements and focus on their core business. Our consolidation service is highly efficient, reliable and well recognized among our clients and overseas agents. No matter at the receiving and distributing side, we would keep you well informed of the cargo movement and ensure the shipment could reach your target consignee timely and cost effectively.

    Air Freight Consolidation & Direct Services

    Anderson works closely with various airlines and co-loaders which enable us to offer competitive rates all the times and be flexible in collecting shipments from Hong Kong/ China to anywhere around the world.

    Cargo Storage, Warehousing & Distribution Services

    With our extensive industrial expertise, Anderson offers "One stop shop"services of cargo receiving, trucking, warehousing, consolidation, de-consolidation, distribution and door-to-door delivery upon clients specific requirement. Our strength in offering total supply chain solutions can always free clients from any troublesome in managing various stakeholders.

    Insurance Brokerage & Customs Clearance

    Anderson is capable in offering cargo insurance and customs clearance services. Our colleagues in Hong Kong and China are well experienced, knowledgeable and very helpful in handling any of your enquiries and requirements.

    Additional Value-added services

    Being a third party logistics service provider, Anderson is always keen on bringing additional value-added services to you, and to your customers. These services, other than our core freight forwarding business, include sourcing & purchasing, order processing, billing and documentation, pick and pack, repackaging/re-labeling, printing & production, logistics planning, vendor management and continuous IT advancement for better information flow.

    • Airfreight Bullet rate from China / Hong Kong!!!

      Please contact Mr.Yin Lai at +852 3151 5491 email: airfreight@acf.hk for details!!!
    • Special - Hong Kong to South Africa CFS!!

      Overall in charge: Please contact Louise Chan at +852 31515508 or louise_chan@acf.hk

      South Africa (Durban/Johannesburg/Cape Town): Please contact Kent Chan at +852 31515595 or kent_chan@acf.hk