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    For clear purchase order management at a glance, we develop real time "track & trace" order management facilities to free your hassle from matching various purchase orders with shipping schedules.


    • Additional value added to ease order management system
    • Real time "track & trace" your order status
    • Substantial check-up on inventory or inventory consolidation
    • Oversees the whole shipping schedule in purchase order sequence
    • Cycle counting and tailor-made reporting
    • Flexible client and vendor management at different tiers

    For more details, please contact us at enquiry2010q4@anderson-agl.com

    • Airfreight Bullet rate from China / Hong Kong!!!

      Please contact Mr.Yin Lai at +852 3151 5491 email: airfreight@acf.hk for details!!!
    • Special - Hong Kong to South Africa CFS!!

      Overall in charge: Please contact Louise Chan at +852 31515508 or louise_chan@acf.hk

      South Africa (Durban/Johannesburg/Cape Town): Please contact Kent Chan at +852 31515595 or kent_chan@acf.hk