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    Anderson Global Logistics Limited (AGL) is a member of Certified Transportation Network (CTN), which is a worldwide association of international logistics providers aimed at delivering highest level of professional logistics services globally.

    Selection and appointment of CTN member-partner is meticulously scrutinized and examined based on a number of criteria like customer services, accreditation by international authorities and networks, traceable record of business volume & performance, and extensive history of being top independent forwarders in different regions over the world.

    With our extensive network and worldwide coverage, we possess the best combined bargaining power to get you the foremost pricing schedule and secured space position.

    At present, CTN member-partners move over more than a million shipments every year and our services cover countries of

    Source: www.ctngroup.com

    • Airfreight Bullet rate from China / Hong Kong!!!

      Please contact Mr.Yin Lai at +852 3151 5491 email: airfreight@acf.hk for details!!!
    • Special - Hong Kong to South Africa CFS!!

      Overall in charge: Please contact Louise Chan at +852 31515508 or louise_chan@acf.hk

      South Africa (Durban/Johannesburg/Cape Town): Please contact Kent Chan at +852 31515595 or kent_chan@acf.hk